Aaron Allermann is a resident of Watertown, Wisconsin, a state known for having no club soccer above the fifth-tier amateur level. Which is bad enough without the United States not having a promotion/relegation model and the resident indoor soccer outfit acting like it’s all Wisconsin really needs. Aaron’s previous blog was Random Human Neural Firings, a news/info blog that considered itself lucky when it got ten views per post. Aaron has learned his lesson about trying to shove content out the door every single day even if it’s just filler.

In the absence of anything resembling hope in the Wisconsin soccer scene, Aaron has thrown his lot in with Aston Villa. One day he will figure out why he did a stupid and masochistic thing like that.

Page header image accessed 12/27/2014 from, via the Department of Biology at Texas State University-San Marcos. It’s a roundnose minnow. And a clipart soccer ball from


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